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Shree Pandit Mithilesh Guruji is an expert in all Hindu religious Pooja's, Vidhi's, Kalsarp shanti pooja, Tripindhi Shradha etc. He oversees all problems and works closely with people to ensure that all expectations are met. He had performed more than 2000 + Kal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Puja at Trimbakeshwar .He is Kal Sarp Puja Experts , Specialist in Trimbakeshwar

Pandit Mithilesh Guruji family has been into all sorts of hindu spiritual practices performed at Trimbakeshwar since ancient times. Pandit Mithilesh Guruji is well versed with all sorts of Pujas and vidhis performed at Trimbakeshwar and a renowned personality in Trimbakeshwar.

People from across the globe have been coming at Trimbakeshwar for performing all sorts of vidhis. This is the result of their devoted serivce in practicing the hindu rites at Trimbakeshwar.


Twenty years of experience


PhD In Kaalsarp Puja


100% Satisfaction


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Guruji also doing other Puja.

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